Asbury & Elizabeth Baldwin Memorial Scholarship Application

APPLICAITION DEADLINE FOR THE 2018 GRADUATES IS 4/30/2018. Must be a member of MFUMC. Dear Graduates - The Church Trustees have asked me to tell you the history of the Asbury & Elizabeth Baldwin Scholarship. When our father died in 1999 family, friends and church members were very generous with gifts to the church in his memory. Our family talked over how we would like him to be remembered. Education was very important to our parents, so we decided to set up a scholarship in my daddy's name. We wanted it to go to a senior who had taken part in many church activities over the years, community activities, and extracurricular activities at school. You must have a GPA high enough to qualify for college; but, not necessarily the highest GPA. When our mother died in 2009, we added her name to the scholarship. We are hopeful the scholarships, though not a large amount of money, will be helpful to each recipient. Sincerely, Anne Baldwin Satterfield

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