Discover Discipleship Series Fall 2017

For six Wednesday evenings beginning October 25, join us for dinner for just $3 per person and attend a Discover Discipleship course of your choice. Please register one person per form.

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DISCOVER CHRISTIANITY*: Learn more about who God is and discover what it means to follow Jesus. In small group conversations, consider topics such as who Jesus is, what a relationship with God looks like, forgiveness, grace and faith. Whether you’re new to faith, curious about God, or seeking refreshment in your journey with Jesus, this course is for you.
DISCOVER SHAPE: Learn and understand your spiritual gifts and how God longs to intentionally use your experiences and talents to include you in His mission. Learn about the Holy Spirit’s empowering for service and ministry as we grow as disciples of Jesus. Get connected with others and discover your unique place of belonging and contribution.
EXPLORE FOLLOWING JESUS*: Explore following Jesus as a disciple in our contemporary context through this interactive study of the encounters Jesus had with ordinary people. Learn about who He claimed to be, about His Kingdom, and what it means to follow Him as a growing disciple at WMB Church.
EXPLORE COMMUNITY: Explore the call God has on our lives to be disciples in community with others and the joy of being a family of disciples on mission. We’ll unpack the Trinity and experience WMB’s vision for Home Groups as we learn, celebrate, bless, rest and worship together.
EXPLORE MISSION*: We are a “sent” community; a family of disciples on mission together. Learn about WMB’s three anchor causes, and how to participate in WMB’s mission activity in our city, our country and around the world. Explore cultural diversity and how WMB Church seeks to be a community of people from all cultural backgrounds.
GO DEEPER: THE SPIRITUAL LIFE: Go Deeper as we explore what a spiritual life looks like. Being a follower of Jesus means we have the Holy Spirit living in us and He is eager to interact with us. Join us as we learn to recognize the Spirit’s voice and leading through new ways to pray and engage with the Bible. Let’s go deeper together!
GO DEEPER: ON POVERTY*: Go deeper in your faith as you increase your awareness and understanding of poverty. We will try to balance a low income budget and discuss the factors that influence poverty, the hidden rules and social norms of poverty and begin to talk about how we can make a difference.
GO DEEPER: OUR CONFESSION OF FAITH ARTICLE 11 - MARRIAGE, SINGLENESS AND FAMILY: This is the first in a series of Go Deeper courses on articles in the MB Confession of Faith. This session we will cover human sexuality in the context of marriage, singleness, divorce and remarriage, homosexuality and family.

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