HUB Leadership Application

Camp Chi Rho July 15-20

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Postal Code
Social Securtiy Number (Needed for Background checks)
Date of Birth
Cell Phone Number
Do we have your permission to do a background check with the information provide above?
T-Shirt SIze
Tell us about your life following Jesus..*If you're serving in HUB put "Current Leader"
Church you are a member of:
Have you been to Chi Rho before? What year? What grade do you feel comfortable teaching?
What leadership/Service experience do you have with students? *If you're serving in HUB put "Current Leader"
How do you live out being a commited believer? *If you're serving in HUB put "Current Leader"
What are some of the things God has been working in your specific area of ministry?
Why do you want to server as a group leader? Explain to us the process God has brought you through to be a group leader.

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